What would a successful college experience mean for your kids?

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What if your kids approached college knowing what they wanted to explore and gain by graduation?

What if you could stop worrying and start seeing the transformation of your child into a responsible, independent adult who is engaged & fulfilled?

What if you could relax knowing your kids have the confidence and support to accomplish their dreams? 



Now, he’s very focused on figuring out what colleges have to offer. That wasn’t on his radar before.

What really helped was identifying the fact that knowing what you want -- it’s a process; it doesn’t just happen. He realized that you have to think about it, work towards it, and figure it out.

He is doing research on his own to figure out what he needs to do to figure out how to get to where he wants to be."

Cassie Love
Parent of a son in high school 

"Off-Trail On Purpose opened up my kids expectations. It expanded their scope of what’s possible.

As a parent, the kids don’t always listen to me, and there are certain limitations to our relationship. To have another adult they respect and listens to them... It was more their thing. It wasn’t me driving them; it was (the coach) driving them so it helped in our parent-child relationships."

Marla Hall
Parent of two daughters in high school

"My grades got better because I know that I have to study more on certain things. I kinda liked to share with people, but now I am better at sharing with people. I learned that there are people I can connect to and I can talk to others who can give me more information and experience. 

I wasn’t very excited or into college before, but I learned that there are so many more things about college.  I think now about my road to college and the road past that. It’s not just college. I think a lot about what I want for my life past that."

Teme Boyland
Sophomore in high school

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